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Name Parka

Associated Records

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.006

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.006

Two black figures of men in silhouette wearing parkas shaking hands. Three birds with red heads in space between figure's heads. *** Two men facing each other, in silhouette and profiled; arms outstretched, hands meeting. Between their heads is a bird with three heads, all facing different directions.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.047

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.047

Seated Inuit woman sharpening an ulu (arced blade/knife) as she is gutting a seal. *** Seated woman holds scraper in right hand; before her onfloor is an animal skin.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.057

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.057

Three women - left and center with backs to viewer, each carrying two fish. Right -most woman is carrying one fish and has a baby in her amaut (parka hood). *** Three figures, left and center seen from rear, right seen from front. Each holds fish on either side. Right figure has child visible in hood of parka.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.058

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.058

Inuit hunter standing over a dead caribou. It appears he is about to gut the animal. *** Full-length male with parka and beard facing right, bending over caribou shot with bow and arrow, visible at right.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.085

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.085

Central black and white bird (owl) with female above. Surrounded by colorful foliage. *** An owl in full view, long feathers on top of head; above him a face inside of a circle; abstract shapes in background.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.143

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.143

Father and son hunters, each holding a harpoon and spear. Through a hole in the ice, the father is pulling out a caught seal. *** Child, left, with spear; man on right with spear, seal being pullled out of water at center.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.149

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.149

Two Inuit men each holding a drum. A contraption consisting of a harpoon, sealskin float, and caribou antlers arer tied around the waist of the man on the right. *** Two men holding various objects and dancing on brown ground, facing each other.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.186

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.186

Two fisherman kneeling on the ice at fishing holes. Spears in hand and lures dangling into holes, they catch fish. *** Two men kneeling with spears fishing through holes in transparent ice; four fish below.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.227

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.227

Two transition figures. The smaller appears to be a dog with a human face. The larger has a human face, fish rear, animal legs, and four human heads morphing out of its body as well as a dog. Very colorful. *** Animal body with fish tail and human face; other faces all around; multi-colored.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.238

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.001.238

Man building an igloo and a woman standing outside with a sled and three dogs nearby. *** Man's torso emerging from circle of igloo at upper left, dog and sled below. Full-length woman at center with two dogs to her right.

Image of Inuit Art Collection - 1991.002.053

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.002.053

Inuit hunter carved out of whalebone.

Inuit Art Collection - 1991.002.264

Black stone. Man in parka bending over, head in parka hood turned 90 degrees to his left with chin resting on shoulder. Weight supported by arms reaching down, stretching hide over a rock in front of him.